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Do you like sudoku, chess and other games that can challenge your brain? You'll certainly love Parks, then! It is a logic game in which your goal is to plant trees in parks in a proper way.
Help the staff of the park and plant a given number of trees in each column, line, and color area of the board. Try to achieve this as quickly as possible. Don't let the easy rules mislead you - while simple boards are fairly easy to fill, big ones pose a challenge that can rack your brain!
Here’s more on what it has to offer:
from easy to extremely difficult, it provides fun for both kids and advanced puzzle-lovers
as with traditional puzzle games you will have to think quite a bit!
once you finish the game, you will gain access to bonus crazy-shaped boards
And the best thing?
It's free. And always will be.
So check it out right now. Parks is available for Android and Windows Phone devices, and Amazon Kindle, too.
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